The PRSSV "World Music Group Performance Awards” provides avenues for students of different music traditions to express the artistic knowledge and understanding gained by learning a particular tradition – be it Indian, West Indian, Chinese, African, Western, etc.

These Awards are a Level 1 qualification in group performance that allows each candidate to shine at their own particular stage but also shows how they can perform as part of a group.  Each candidate within a group can qualify at their own stage.  There are 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Emerald  

Stage 2 – Ruby

Stage 3 – Sapphire

Stage 4 – Diamond

These Awards not only cater for group teaching, but also encourage good and meaningful group performances and individual development, whilst giving credit to students for their ensemble contribution.

Between 2 and 8 participants** can appear in a group for an examination and they can be of ‘mixed talent’ and therefore undertake different stages.  Not all performers in a group need to be an examination candidate.

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**For syllabuses for dance, voice and ensembles of more than 8 performers please contact us.