The PRSSV exam board was set up in 1987 to provide accredited qualifications for world music and dance traditions.  Our syllabuses are developed in consultation with master musicians and dancers and are true to the uniqueness of a particular culture while taking into account the different social and cultural conditions of the West.

The aim of our exams is to:

  • Inspire achievements in music among students of all ages and levels.
  • Provide recognition for different musical cultures.
  • Provide recognition for teachers.

In December 1987, there were 15 candidates who were examined by an examiner from India.  Today there are approximately 1000 candidates appearing annually in approved examination centres and partner institutions in London and other cities of the UK.  The examiners are mainly UK based.

In 2006 PRSSV started its international wing to cater for teachers and students in Europe and then in 2010 in Australia and North America.

In 2013 the first batch of Heritage Skills candidates completed their training.