World Music and Dance Exams Regulations – UK

  • Candidates may be entered for an exam by a school, an institution, a teacher of music, a parent or a guardian.
  • Adult students over the age of eighteen may enter themselves for an exam.
  • All applications with fees must be submitted by the published closing date ( using the application form in the Booking Exam section.
  • We may accept late applications for an additional admin fee of £20per candidate ONLY if the seats are available. Please note that some exam centres may be fully booked and will not be available for late entries. Applications received after the final date for late applications will be entered for the next available exam date.
  • Fees will only be accepted online via PayPal on the website. All debit and credits are accepted.
  • Examination fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Any preferences or special requests after the submission of the application will incur £10 administration fees. If any requests come within two weeks We cannot accept time preferences or special requests for late applications.
  • You must ensure that your details and spellings of your names are correct on all our correspondence to you and advise us of any corrections in writing. The charge for replacement certificates is £25 (Grade Certificate) and £40 (Level Certificate).

Exam Requirements

  • A candidate may start taking PRSSV exams at any Level, however, the candidate must complete all grade in between to achieve the Level, for example: to achieve a Level 2, a candidate must pass both Grade 4 and Grade 5.
  • A candidate cannot appear in two grades of the same subject at the same time; however, a candidate may take exams for two different subjects at the same time.
  • A candidate must wait for the previous grade’s results before applying for the next grade. All such applications will be rejected automatically.

Fails and Resists

  • A candidate can re-sit twice (with permission from the office only), if they fail either the theory or the practical part of their exam.
  • If a candidate, even after two resists, fails to achieve 50% in the respective exam, he/she will have to appear for both theory and practical again by submitting a new application with full fees.


A candidate who is absent from an exam without prior information will forfeit their fees.


A candidate who withdraws from an exam may be eligible for a transfer of fees, under circumstances listed below. The candidate may enter the next exam session on payment of an admin fee of £10.

Please note if you withdraw in the last week before the exam date, except in a medical emergency, the attempt and fees will be forfieted and you will need to apply and pay again.

Listed Circumstances

  • Illness or Injury

    A fee transfer may be permitted, provided that withdrawal is notified to PRSSV in writing as soon as possible and submitted no later than the day of the exam and is supported by documentary evidence. This should normally be a medical certificate, although a letter from someone in authority, such as a Head teacher or the school nurse, confirming the candidate’s indisposition or injury may also be accepted.
  • Exceptional Personal Circumstances

    A transfer of fee may be permitted on compassionate grounds if a candidate is withdrawn due to exceptional personal circumstances, such as bereavement, family crisis, personal trauma or major travel incident. The request for transfer must be made to PRSSV in writing no later than the day of the exam with full details substantiating the request for an exceptional transfer on compassionate grounds.
  • Example of reasons for withdrawal/absence for which no fees transfer will be made:

    1. Inconvenient exam date
    2. Candidate not ready for exam
    3. Difficulties finding an accompanist
    4. Candidate on holiday at time of exam
    5. Candidate on school trip
    6. Missed lessons