PRSSV World Music and Dance Examination Syllabuses

Hindustani Subjects
Entry Level - Level 3
Carnatic Subjects
Entry Level - Level 3
Steel Pan Subjects
Entry Level - Level 3
Other Subjects
Bollywood Dance* 
Dholak (Dholki)
Double Second Pan*
Double Guitar Pan*
Triple Cello Pan*
Bass Pan*

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*Syllabuses are available on request from Sangeet Examinations office. 

** Note on updates to Syllabuses:


1 May 2019

  • Hindustani Subjects syllabuses file updated
  • Bharatanatyam syllabuses added 
  • Carnatic Vocal  syllbuses updated - all grades

04 June 2020

  • Kathak syllabus file updated

23 June 2020

  • Rabindra Sageet syllabus updated


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